Announcements in 2011


Celebrating staff achievements and news of research work at the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP).




20 December: Professor Andy Gouldson, Director of CCCEP, to talk at future event on 'The Economics of Low-Carbon Cities: outcomes of a city-scale mini-Stern Review'

Groundbreaking research on the potential for commercially viable, energy efficient, low-carbon cities will be launched at this event. Questions asked include: "Are there cost effective ways of cutting... [cities'] energy bill whilst also enhancing competitiveness and creating employment?" The All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group, Centre for Low Carbon Futures and the University of Leeds will host the event on Thursday 12 January.

19 December: Grantham staff receive 'Best Paper Award 2011' by the Journal Risk Analysis

Simon Dietz, Acting Director of CCCEP, and Alec Morton, have written one of 2011's best research articles, according to the Society for Risk Analysis, for their paper 'Strategic appraisal of environmental risks: a contrast between the UK's Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change and its Committee on Radioactive Waste Management'. 

9 December: Nature Climate Change responds to article by CCCEP member

Emma Tompkins has written an article with Hallie Eakin, which is currently in press and waiting to be published by Global Environmental Change, about managing private and public adaptation to climate change. This has now been  picked up and commented on by Nature Climate Change.

8 December: Lord Nicholas Stern is moderator at launch of 'Momentum for Change' initiative

Lord Stern was the moderator for the launch of the 'Momentum for Change' initiative at the United Nations climate change conference in Durban South Africa on 6 December 2011. The initiative aims to enhance the visibility of projects that benefit communities and increase climate resilience or reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

30 November: Professor Andrew Gouldson presents new research findings

Professor Andrew Gouldson, co-director of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, presented new research findings at the United Nations climate change conference in Durban on 29 November 2011: investing 2% of a modern city's GDP in low-carbon and energy efficient opportunities for ten years would reduce that city's carbon emission levels by 40% at no net cost.

28 November: CCCEP associate to give evidence to Energy and Climate Change Committee

Professor John Barrett will give evidence on 29 November 2011 to the inquiry by the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee into consumption-based emissions reporting. This will be the first evidence session into consumption-based emissions reporting.

14 November: Poster now available for conference presentation on 'Small-number statistics, common sense and profit' (PDF, 206KB)

As part of the Munich Re research programme, Lenny Smith and Alex Jarman presented this Centre for the Analysis of Time Series (CATS) poster at LSE on 26 May 2011. It addressed the challenges and non-challenges for hurricane forecasting.

1 September: Lord Nicholas Stern appointed to Green Investment Bank Advisory Group

Lord Nicholas Stern of Brentford has been appointed to the Advisory Group for the UK Green Investment Bank, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills announced on 31 August 2011.

14 July: CCCEP contributes to new study on 'Pathways to a low carbon economy: the business response to climate change' 

CCCEP has contributed to a new study, 'Pathways to a low carbon economy: the business response to climate change', published on 14 July 2011 by the Centre for Low Carbon Futures.

14 July:  Simon Dietz contributes a section in new report on climate risks and carbon prices (PDF, 1.29MB)

Dr Simon Dietz of CCCEP has contributed a section on 'Revising the social cost of carbon' in a new report on 'Climate risks and carbon prices: revising the social cost of carbon', published by the E3 Network.

5 July: Expert workshop held on consumption-based accounting

Co-hosted  by CCCEP, the workshop brought together experts in consumption-based accounting and internationally recognised policy analysts on climate change mitigation and governance to examine the full implications of the different options for consumption-based approaches to climate change governance and policy.

4 July: Bob Ward to be a panellist at 'Science Question Time'

The event will discuss 'Impact' on Tuesday 5 July 2011 at Imperial College London. Science Question Time is an exciting new venture between the Biochemical Society, the Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE) and staff at Imperial College London.

4 July: Bob Ward a member of judging panel for ABSW Science Writers' Awards for Britain and Ireland 2011

Known as the 'Oscars' of science writing, the ABSW awards aim to reward excellence in science journalism. The winners of the awards will be announced on Friday 8 July.

30 June: Chris Huhne MP cites CCCEP

The Rt Hon Chris Huhne MP, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, cited the work of the Centre in a major speech on 29 June 2011 on the economics of climate change.

28 June: 'Confidence from uncertainty' - new exhibit at the Royal Society on interpreting climate predictions                       

This exhibit, from 5-10 July, aims to explore how predictions are made and communicated, how and when probabilities can be deduced, and the role of computer models in these processes. It will involve interactive computer-based probability games and hands-on physical games to do so. Dr David Stainforth is leading its preparation.

24 May: 'Adaptation to Climate Change in Southern Africa' book one of University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership's (CPSL) 'Top 40 books of 2010'

CCCEP members Andy Dougill and Lindsay Stringer, and affiliated PhD student Jen Dyer, contributed a chapter to this book.

16 May: New background paper from Overseas Development Institute (ODI) on leveraging private investment and the role of public sector climate finance

This Background Note focuses on how public finance and risk mitigation instruments can remove the barriers to private sector investment and thereby leverage significant amounts of private capital for climate change mitigation. Michael Jacobs, Visiting Professor at CCCEP, is co-author.

4 May: Professor Judith Rees becomes Interim Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Judith Rees, Director of CCCEP, became Interim Director at LSE from 2 May 2011. Professor Andrew Gouldson and Dr Jouni Paavola remain, respectively, Director and Deputy Director of the Centre. Dr Simon Dietz has become Acting Director of the Centre and Professor Sam Fankhauser has become Acting Deputy Director.

23 March: CCCEP hosts visit by Professor David Mackay from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)

David Mackay is DECC's Chief Scientific Advisor. On 10 March, he visited CCCEP, along with representatives from CCCEP's partner organisations, for a day of informal presentations and discussions about the work of the Centre and its partners.

15 March: New Commission confronts threats to food security from climate change

The Commission will seek to build international consensus on policy actions to help global agriculture adapt to climate change, achieve food security and reduce poverty and greenhouse gas emissions.  

14 January: Lord Stern receives BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award

"The Award goes to Nicholas Stern for quantifying the impacts and costs deriving from the alteration of the planet's climate. This UK economist is author of the Stern Review, the hugely influential study of the economics of climate change which concludes that it is makes more economic sense to take measures against climate change than to bear the costs of inaction."

Photograph of breakout meeting credit Nigel Stead