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Media articles


Media articles by staff and members of the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP). 

Below are articles published in 2015.

We also archive articles from previous years:


How do we solve the world’s energy crisis? Nicholas Stern
Prospect Magazine, 24 August 


Where to draw the line on renewable energy
Letter to Times from Bob Ward
The Times, 28 July
(Requires paywall subscription to access)

Australia needs to accept the move to clean energy
James Rydge and Fergus Green
The Age, 24 July 2015

The UK’s performance on climate change has set an example for the world
Lord Stern and Sir Brian Hoskins
The Telegraph, 21 July  

Fight climate change, boost economy: Felipe Calderón and Nicholas Stern 
USA Today, 6 July


Scepticism over rising temperatures? Lord Lawson peddles a fake controversy
Bob Ward, The Guardian, 27 April


Britain's climate sceptics' dishonest tactics need to stop
Bob Ward, New Statesman, 20 March

Photograph of newspapers about climate change credit Lilli Day and istockphoto.com