CCCEP in the news in 2011


The Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) and its staff were frequently featured in the media in 2011.

Please see below for a selection of these media articles.



Green measures will not lead to 'astronomical' energy bills: analysis
15 December, The Guardian

Hedegaard's risky strategy pays off
15 December, EuropeanVoice

Climate change: The great regrouping
14 December, Financial Times

Dubbelt dyrt att begränsa klimatförändringarna
14 December, Sverige Radio

La nueva deuda energética 
13 December, Diario De Sevilla

Climate change delay 'is dangerous'
12 December, Today programme (BBC Radio 4)

Durban se conforma con un pacto que no cierra el reparto de emisiones
12 December, El Pais

Global climate treaty deal struck in Durban
11 December, The Times (subscription is required)

Climate deal doesn't make things better
11 December, Time

Queda todo por hacer en materia climática, pero la línea diplomática se mueve
11 December, Yahoo (Peru)

Durban deal will not avert catastrophic climate change, say scientists
11 December, The Guardian

Global climate treaty deal struck in Durban
11 December, The Times (subscription is required)

EU bank in row over increase in fossil fuel funds
10 December, Taipei Times

Crises climática e do euro fazem repensar crescimento, diz especialista
9 December, Correio Braziliense 

Pour Nicholas Stern, crise de l'euro et défi du climat doivent être abordés ensemble
9 December, RTL

COP-17: Stature of SA ministers increases at climate talks
9 December, Business Day

Kyoto was built to fail. It is time the world abandoned it
8 December, The Guardian

European Investment Bank criticised for 'hypocrisy' of fossil fuel lending
8 December, The Guardian

A new energy revolution
8 December, Daily News

Lord Stern: rich nations should stop subsidising fossil fuel industry
7 December, The Guardian

EU seeks hard commitments for Kyoto phase two
7 December, Financial Times (free registration is required)

Vicepresidente boliviano participará este miércoles en la COP17
7 December, RNV

Calderón pide a Ban Ki-moon mediar con EEUU para desbloquear el Fondo Verde
7 December, Yahoo (Chile)

Stern's rebuke
6 December, Wall Street Journal

Africa: Progress is being made say UN climate change leaders
5 December, 

Carbon dioxide emissions show record jump
5 December, The Guardian

Action on climate is blocked by 'unworkable' need for consensus
2 December, The Times (Environment) 


Saving the planet
28 November, ET Now Global Business Reports (news programme: video, features Bob Ward at 01:16)

Le sommet de Durban est une occasion de ranimer la flamme européenne
28 November, Le Monde

Ever-worsening weather events lead to inescapable verdict on climate change
28 November, Irish Times

Climate change fears 'have been exaggerated' say scientists who claim apocalyptic predictions are unlikely
25 November, The Daily Mail 

'Emissions gap' overshadows warming target: UNEP
23 November, France 24

UN chief slams rich nations' plans to delay climate change treaty
23 November, The Guardian

Climategate 2? More UEA hacked emails
23 November, The Telegraph

Climategate erupts again ahead of key summit
23 November, The Independent

Chris Huhne blasts Lord Lawson's climate sceptic thinktank
22 November, The Guardian

University hit by new climate leak ahead of talks
22 November, CBS News 

Emails revive 'Climategate' before UN summit
22 November, Financial Times (free registration is required)

Professor Andy Gouldson  on carbon capture and storage projects
20 November, The Politics Show - Yorkshire and Lincolnshire  (TV, BBC One: 43.12 - 43.26)

Rich nations 'give up' on new climate treaty until 2020
20 November, The Guardian

Severe heatwaves and flooding 'more likely'
19 November, The Times (subscription is required)

Climate change 'key driver of extreme weather': UN
18 November, Jakarta Globe

Extreme weather will strike as climate change takes hold, IPCC warns
18 November, The Guardian

World acts on emissions without global climate pact
18 November, Financial Times (free registration is required)

Extreme weather - episode 1
17 November, (video)


Global warming 'confirmed' by independent study
21 October, BBC

LSE research student recalls making friends with trees and elephants in Gabon
6 October, Africa at LSE (blog)

Mixed reaction to EU legislators' call for global renewables targets
4 October, Environmental Finance


Hey, Rick Perry finally gets something right
17 August,


Britisches Institut veröffentlicht globale Klimadaten
30 July, Spiegel Online

Why most Forbes readers know more about global warming than most climate scientists
28 July, William Pentland blog in Forbes

OK, climate sceptics: here's the raw data you wanted
28 July, New Scientist

Extreme weather: the new normal
27 July, aljazeera

Global warming will compel nations to spend more on environment
22 July, The Economic Times (of India)

BBC gives too much weight to fringe views on issues like climate change
20 July, The Guardian

Can a candid climate modeler convince contrarians?
19 July, Scientific American

Stern, in center of climate pessimism, hopeful about U.S.
15 July, Reuters 

Cinco ideas que transformarán nuestras vidas
11 July,    

EU votes against reducing carbon emissions by 30%
5 July,
The Guardian

Man-made climate change evidence 'hidden' by sulphur emissions
4 July, The Telegraph


Fears grow over Commission's ability to support emissions trading
30 June, Environmental Finance

How clean energy can drive economic growth
30 June, Chris Huhne MP in The Telegraph

Battle lines
24 June, Financial Times

Reducir emisiones no es una carga: N. Stern
24 June,

Al Gore's rallying call: 'Climate crisis is a struggle for the soul of America'
23 June, The Guardian (Damian Carrington's Environment Blog)

Cambio climático ya genera impacto en la economía colombiana
23 June, Teleantioquia noticias

Conflict of interest claimed for IPCC energy report
17 June, New Scientist

La ciencia como pasión
16 June, El Pais

Recent warming trend is significant after all
14 June, New Scientist

Climate change lessons "should not be compulsory"
13 June, Reuters

Stern: «El cambio climático no controlado puede detener y revertir el desarrollo»
13 June, ABC Internacional 

'Somos la generación que puede destruir la relación entre los humanos y el planeta'
13 June, El Pais

Climate change should be excluded from curriculum, says adviser
12 June, The Guardian

Poor must have the burden of global warming lifted
5 June, Observer (Editorial)


'Window for cutting CO2 closing': interview with Lord Nicholas Stern
31 May, Radio 4 (Today programme)

Interview with Lord Nicholas Stern on 'Newshour'
30 May, BBC World Service (Newshour: 00:26:36 - 0:35:21)

Worst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink
29 May, The Guardian

Ailing UN climate talks jolted by record surge in greenhouse gases
29 May, The Guardian

Freedom of information laws are used to harass scientists, says Nobel laureate
25 May, The Guardian

Why the UK's hidden cash mountain needs to go green
20 May, The Guardian (Damian Carrington's environment blog)

Interview with Bob Ward on 'As It Happens' radio programme
17 May, CBC Canada ('As It Happens' radio programme: 00.00 - 06.21)

Australia prepares to swallow Monckton yet again
6 May, The Drum (The Drum Opinion)

Climate change wilts farming yields
6 May, Wired (online only)

Crop yields fall as temperatures rise
5 May, New Scientist


China carbon emissions could peak by 2025-2030: U.S. study
29 April, Reuters

Carbon cuts by developed countries cancelled out by imported goods
25 April, The Guardian


"We are running out of time"
28 March, chinadialogue

Need to cut down carbon emissions stressed
27 March, expressbuzz

Time running out to address climate change
26 March, Deccan Herald

Climate change champion
24 March, Society Now


Top climate expert calls for 'new industrial revolution'
10 February, The Parliament

Lord Stern: West must end hesitation over climate change
9 February,

Energy: On the cusp of an 'industrial revolution'
4 February, BBC Radio 4, Today programme

Mass tree deaths prompt fears of Amazon 'climate tipping point'
3 February, The Guardian


UK set for high end climate costs, as floods spread
31 January, BBC News

Interview with Nicholas Stern at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland
28 January, France24 (video) | French version

Interview with Nicholas Stern at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland
27 January, CNBC (video)

Nicholas Stern, father of climate economics, formed ties with China
27 January, Sina (Chinese)

Renewable energy sector needs US$6 trillion investment from China, EU and UK through to 2035, says IEA
21 January, Business Intelligence Middle East

Global Warming Policy Foundation donor funding levels revealed
20 January, The Guardian

New climate data shows warming world: WMO
20 January, Reuters

2010 ties 2005 for warmest year on record: US
19 January, The Independent

Science faces crisis if cuts not reversed
18 January, Research Fortnight

BBVA premia a N. Stern por plantear el impacto económico del cambio climático
14 January, La Rioja (Spanish)   

Flood warnings: hottest year confirms global warming say experts
13 January, The Telegraph

2010 ties 2005 for warmest year on record: US
13 January, The Sydney Morning Herald

Cancún summit 'positive' but unresolved issues remain
12 January, The Malta Independent 

G20: Sarkozy déjeune avec 19 économistes internationaux
7 January, Le Figaro

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