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The Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) and its staff is frequently featured in the media.

Below is a selection of online media articles from 2015.  

We also have archived selected media articles from:


Pester power: The new weapon in the fight against global warming
The Independent, 3 June


World leaders missed chance to tackle climate change, says economist

The Guardian, 25 May

DIALOGUE: Will China’s coal consumption and CO2 emissions continue to fall?
Carbon Pulse, 18 May 2015

Kingdom built on oil foresees fossil fuel phase-out this century
FT, 21 May 

Al-Naimi Speaks on Climate Change Panel at Unesco
Bloomberg Business, 21 May
Debate at Unesco's Business & Climate Summit in Paris with other panelists including Nicholas Stern

Agir ensemble pour le climat… et pour la croissance
Les Echos, 21 May
Commentary article by Nicholas Stern and Jean-Pascal Tricoire.

Dirty air and disease: why we must end the subsidy of fossil fuels
The Guardian, 20 May
IMF evidence about hidden costs such as pollution, traffic accidents and climate change makes it apparent just how heavily subsidised the coal, oil and gas industries are.

Time for governments to price in the true cost of oil
FT, 20 May

Fossiele brandstoffen krijgen 10 miljoen euro subsidies per minuut
Express.be, 21 May

Glencore chairman Tony Hayward calls for an end to subsidies for fossil fuels 
The Guardian, 21 May

Carburants fossiles: des cadeaux de 10 millions par minute?
Agence Science.Press, 20 May

The rise and rise of the fossil fuel divestment movement
The Guardian, 19 May

5300G$ en «subventions» par année pour les énergies fossiles, affirment des chercheurs du FMI
Journalmetro.com, 19 May

Fossil fuels subsidised by a 'shocking' $10m a minute, say IMF experts 
The Independent, 19 May

Paris 2015: Two degrees warming a 'prescription for disaster' says top climate scientist James Hansen

The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 May 2015

UN says carbon plans 'deeply inadequate'
Sky News Australia, 5 May

Current carbon pledges won't stop dangerous global warming, says Lord Stern
The Guardian, 4 May

Planned curbs in greenhouse gas emissions won't prevent global warming 'danger limit' being reached, warns report
The Independent, 4 May

Emissions pledges 'are not enough'
Daily Mail, 4 May

Report: Global emissions goals still aren’t enough to prevent dangerous warming
Washington Post, 4 May

Key climate change goal may be missed
The Hill, 4 May

Britische Forscher: UN-Klimaschutzziele sind gefährdet
Yahoo News Germany, 4 May

Réchauffement climatique: les engagements actuels ne suffiront pas
L'Express, 4 May

Carbon plans deeply inadequate: climate study warns
AFP, 4 May

Paris climate summit: Carbon pledges to fall short of warming goal, Stern warns
Sydney Morning Herald, 4 May

Man-made climate change to cause more English heat waves – scientists
RT.com, 1 May




Scepticism over rising temperatures? Lord Lawson peddles a fake controversy
The Guardian, 27 April
Opinion article by Bob Ward on the Global Warming Policy Foundation's claim to undertake a ‘major inquiry into the integrity of the official global surface temperature records’ on data by meteorological organisations.

Leading group of climate change deniers accused of creating 'fake controversy' over claims global temperature data may be inaccurate 
The Independent, 26 April
The UK’s most prominent climate change denial group is launching an inquiry into the integrity of global surface temperature records.

Earth Day: scientists say 75% of known fossil fuel reserves must stay in ground
The Guardian, 22 April
Leading scientists and economists release statement to mark Earth Day in which they urge leaders to keep to commitments to avoid dangerous global warming

Global warming: Scientists say temperatures could rise by 6C by 2100 and call for action ahead of UN meeting in Paris
The Independent, 22 April
Experts have drawn up a 3-page summary of the action needed to be agreed on at the UN meeting in Paris this December, which is widely seen as the last chance for the world’s political leaders to agree on a binding treaty to prevent the global climate from slipping into a dangerously precarious state

March global temperatures set new highs, US agency NOAA says
The Sydney Morning Herald, 18 April

The economists’ manifesto
FT, 17 April
If Britain’s top economists were in charge, what policies would they implement? Includes contribution from Nicholas Stern.

Compact and connected cities cost less and best for reducing carbon footprint
Times of India, 17 April

Take a deep breath
India Express, 10 April
Rajat Kathuria (of the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations) and Lord Stern argue that India is at a crossroads and can either continue down the carbon-intensive development agenda with huge health implications, or reap the economic benefits of low-carbon growth that could lead to healthy, liveable cities, free from the toxic smog that now envelops them.

Can the world economy survive without fossil fuels?
The Guardian, 8 April
Guardian Economics Editor, Larry Elliott, looks at how the world can move away from fossil fuels without sacrificing economic growth. Includes inputs from Nicholas Stern, Michael Jacobs, Dieter Helm and others.



Britain's climate sceptics' dishonest tactics need to stop
New Statesman, 20 March

Warm weather sees Arctic sea ice shrink to lowest levels
The Times, 20 March

Arctic sea ice hits record low: US monitor
Times of India, 20 March

Arctic sea ice shrinks to lowest level on record
FT, 20 March

Arctic sea ice extent hits record low for winter maximum
The Guardian, 19 March

Arctic sea ice extent hits record low for winter
BBC News, 19 March

Poor Nations Need $400 Billion a Year in Climate Aid, Study Says
The Washington Post, 16 March

Helping poor countries tackle climate change is affordable, says study
Business Green, 16 March

Environmental conservation under China’s ‘new normal’
CCTV.com, 13 March

Climate summit’s pledges on carbon cuts ‘won’t avert global disaster’
The Guardian, 7 March




Oil industry cannot accept possibility of a decline in demand
Financial Times, 19 February

As China gets richer, the world gets dirtier — and will have to choose more growth and being green
The Independent, 17 February



Oil Plunge Seen Eroding Emissions Ambition: Carbon & Climate
Bloomberg News, 8 January

How can we square fossil fuel divestment with CCS potential?
Business Green, 8 January

How 2014 was Britain’s warmest year on record
Daily Express, 6 January

2014 warmest on record
Herald Scotland, 6 January

2014 was warmest since records began 350 years ago, says Met Office
The Times, 6 January

Wonky weather! From -4C to 14C in just four days as Britain is set to be hotter than Athens by then end of the week - but there will also be harsh frosts and fierce gales
Daily Mail, 6 January

Climate change activists blame Government for 'colossal failure' to make global warming a national priority
The Independent, 5 January

The UK experienced its warmest year on record in 2014, but it was also one of the wettest
The Metro, 5 December

Official figures show 2014 was warmest year since records began
ITV News, 5 December

2014 was UK’s hottest year on record, says Met Office
The Guardian, 5 January

Met Office lists 2014 as UK’s warmest year
The Times of India, 5 January




Photograph of people protesting on climate change march credit used under creative commons from Robbo Man http//www.flickr.com/photosrobglover