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In the news


The Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) and its staff is frequently featured in the media.

Below is a selection of online media articles from 2015.  

We also have archived selected media articles from:



Britain's climate sceptics' dishonest tactics need to stop
|New Statesman, 20 March

Warm weather sees Arctic sea ice shrink to lowest levels|
The Times, 20 March

Arctic sea ice hits record low: US monitor|
Times of India, 20 March

Arctic sea ice shrinks to lowest level on record|
FT, 20 March

Arctic sea ice extent hits record low for winter maximum|
The Guardian, 19 March

Arctic sea ice extent hits record low for winter|
BBC News, 19 March

Poor Nations Need $400 Billion a Year in Climate Aid, Study Says
|The Washington Post, 16 March

Helping poor countries tackle climate change is affordable, says study|
Business Green, 16 March

Environmental conservation under China’s ‘new normal’
CCTV.com, 13 March

Climate summit’s pledges on carbon cuts ‘won’t avert global disaster’
|The Guardian, 7 March




Oil industry cannot accept possibility of a decline in demand
|Financial Times, 19 February

As China gets richer, the world gets dirtier — and will have to choose more growth and being green|
The Independent, 17 February



Oil Plunge Seen Eroding Emissions Ambition: Carbon & Climate|
Bloomberg News, 8 January

How can we square fossil fuel divestment with CCS potential?|
Business Green, 8 January

How 2014 was Britain’s warmest year on record|
Daily Express, 6 January

2014 warmest on record|
Herald Scotland, 6 January

2014 was warmest since records began 350 years ago, says Met Office
|The Times, 6 January

Wonky weather! From -4C to 14C in just four days as Britain is set to be hotter than Athens by then end of the week - but there will also be harsh frosts and fierce gales
|Daily Mail, 6 January

Climate change activists blame Government for 'colossal failure' to make global warming a national priority
|The Independent, 5 January

The UK experienced its warmest year on record in 2014, but it was also one of the wettest|
The Metro, 5 December

Official figures show 2014 was warmest year since records began
|ITV News, 5 December

2014 was UK’s hottest year on record, says Met Office
|The Guardian, 5 January

Met Office lists 2014 as UK’s warmest year|
The Times of India, 5 January




Photograph of people protesting on climate change march credit used under creative commons from Robbo Man http//www.flickr.com/photosrobglover