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The Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) and its staff is frequently featured in the media.

Below is a selection of online media articles from 2014.  

We also have archived selected media articles from:


IPCC report under fire|
15 April, Nature

UN climate change report on how to cut emissions
13 April, The Guardian

Leaked climate change report: Scientific body warns of 'devastating rise of 4-5C if we carry on as we are'
13 April, The Independent

Shale gas can help to prevent global warming - IPCC|
13 April, The Times

The IPCC report underlines why national action must be at the heart of tackling climate change
13 April, The Independent

Climate change: Can disaster be avoided?|
13 April, Aljazeera

UN green police say ditch oil and change your diet|
12 April, The Telegraph

UN urges huge increase in green energy to avert climate disaster|
12 April, The Observer

Green tech revolution needed to avoid climate change dangers, says Nicholas Stern|
11 April, The Sydney Morning Herald

Le Giec peine à chiffrer l'effet du réchauffement climatique|
10 April, Reuters France

UN climate report seeks clearer economics to guide action|
10 April, Reuters

Slash Greenhouse Gases to Meet Climate Goals, U.N. Draft Says|
9 April, The Wall Street Journal

Time running out to beat climate change, UN warns
9 April, Sydney Morning Herald

Cars Become Biggest Driver of Greenhouse-Gas Increases
|9 April, Bloomberg

World 'needs Plan B' on climate - IPCC report|
8 April, BBC

Britain Confronts Gas Mother Lode With Fracking by Lord Browne
3 April, Bloomberg

Scientists challenge work of climate change dissenter|
2 April, Channel 4

Government accuses BBC of creating 'false balance' on climate change with unqualified sceptics
2 April, The Independent

MPs criticise BBC for 'false balance' in climate change coverage|
2 April, The Guardian

MPs accuse BBC of keeping audience confused with climate change coverage
2 April, Press Gazette

UN issues call for action over ‘catastrophe of climate change’
|1 April, The Times

Britain under ‘severe risk' of flood hell as global temperatures rise
|1 April, Daily Star


'We live in an era of man-made climate change' - IPCC
31 March, Channel 4 News

'No one will be untouched': Climate change will lead to war, famine and extreme weather, claims IPCC report
31 March, Daily Mail

Climate Change: Our Way Of Life 'In Jeopardy'
31 March, Sky News

Climate change is hitting food production, IPCC warns
31 March, The Times

UK warned of 'climate change flood of refugees': Droughts and heatwaves could force millions to flee their country
31 March, Mail on Sunday

IPCC report: Tallying the damage bill of climate change
31 March, The Sydney Morning Herald

War, hunger, disease… and worse to come: The impact of climate change all over the world
31 March, The Metro

Thousands more ‘face floods risk in Britain’: Climate warning in new global report
31 March, The Metro

El clima del planeta sera mas extremo por culpa del hombre|
30 March, ABC.es

Estados de painel de clima da ONU querem estimativas de perdas econômicas
28 March, Reuters

The Two Numbers Climate Economists Can’t Stand to See Together
|28 March, Bloomberg

Coping with climate change to cost up to $100bn a year, says UN
28 March, Financial Times (registration is required)

At UN climate talks, many seek sterner warnings of GDP losses|
28 March, Reuters

Back tracking on carbon pricing will damage Australia|
27 March, ABC News

'BBC News sticking two fingers up to management' says prof behind Trust's science impartiality report|
26 March, Press Gazette

IPCC report downplays economic impacts of climate change, reviewer says|
25 March, Sydney Morning Herald

Global warming to hit Asia hardest, warns new report on climate change|
22 March, The Guardian

End this obsession over climate change: It stops us tackling floods and storms now say experts|
20 March, Mail Online

Osborne to cut £7bn in heavy industry fuel bills and cap tax on carbon emissions in boost for manufacturing|
20 March, Mail Online

UK freezes carbon tax plan for electricity sector|
20 March, The Age

Osborne's energy measures please firms but anger environmentalists|
19 March, The Guardian

U.K. Freezes CO2 Tax in $12 Billion Plan to Cut Power Cost
|19 March, The Washington Post

Il grande bluff del costo dell’energia|
16 March, Trend Online

Switzerland Seeks Precision as Nations Shape Carbon Markets|
10 March, The Washington Post

'Carbon bubble' threatens stock markets, say MPs|
6 March, BBC

Shut up and listen, Cabinet minister tells Tory climate sceptics|
6 March, The Times

UK needs 100 bln pounds more to meet 2020 carbon targets-report|
6 March, Reuters

Home computers to help scientists assess climate role in UK's wet winter|
4 March, The Guardian

Britain ‘ahead of curve’ on green targets|
3 March, The Times

PM 'must recommit' over climate
2 March, Yahoo News


Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sir James Dyson among centre-right figures trying to reclaim the green agenda for conservative politicians around the world
|26 February, The Independant

Discount rates, ethical conundrums, and compromising on climate policy|
26 February, Business Green

World begins 2014 with unusual number of extreme weather events
25 February, The Guardian

A high price for ignoring the risks of catastrophe
18 February, Financial Times

UK weather: Storms are clear sign of climate change and worse to come will lead to conflict and war, says Lord Stern
14 February, The Independant

Freaky Friday: Snow, rain and more storms heading Yorkshire’s way
14 February, Yorkshire Post

Climate change: hard rain, hard truths
13 February, The Guardian

Flooding and storms in UK are clear signs of climate change, says Lord Stern|
13 February, The Guardian

UK weather: Fury rises with the flood waters causing havoc and evacuations across Britain
|8 February, The Independent

Energy prices have overstated impact on EU industry - report|
6 February, Reuters

Power cuts and floods as storms wreak fresh havoc|
5 February, The Telegraph

Why do we insist on building on flood plains?|
2 February, The Independent


Heat is on as Met Office is accused of a ‘warm bias’ in annual forecasts
|29 January, The Times (Registration is required)

Climate scepticism blamed as Owen Paterson slashes spending on global warming|
26 January, The Independent

Proof wind turbines take thousands off your home: Value of houses within 1.2 miles of large wind farms slashed by 11%, study finds|
25 January, Daily Mail

Les 27 doivent s'entendre pour accélérer la croissance verte
|24 January, Le Monde

Lord Stern: I should have been fiercer in climate change review
|23 January, Guardian

Europe to cut carbon 40% by 2030
|23 January, ABC

Climat: l'Europe se fixe un nouveau cap pour 2030, les Etats louvoient|
22 January, L'Echo

Climate change is NOT main cause of floods, say experts: Building on plains and cutting down trees are among the true reasons
22 January, Daily Mail

European Commission resists calls for carbon ‘central bank’
19 January, Financial Times (Registration is required)

Climate Protection May Cut World GDP 4% by 2030, UN Says|
17 January, Bloomberg

UK fracking frenzy could breach emissions targets
13 January, New Scientist

Photograph of people protesting on climate change march credit used under creative commons from Robbo Man http//www.flickr.com/photosrobglover