Erica Marshall

Research student, University of Leeds

Erica Marshall

Erica’s project, (working title “Modelling Energy Services in Residential Buildings”), considers the use of energy within residential buildings through an energy services lens.

The project looks at how energy services are delivered, and how the variation of service demanded by different users could determine the most appropriate retrofit options in residential buildings. Erica is combining the energy services focus with a study of how technologies deliver energy service and how these can be quantitatively modelled using building energy modelling software.


Prior to coming to Leeds, Erica completed a MEng in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge. Through the Doctorial Training Centre, she has completed the equivalent of a MSc studying a broad range of the technical, social and political aspects of the transition to a low carbon future.

During her time working on her PhD research, Erica has had the opportunity to gain valuable industrial and policy experience. In April 2013 she spent four weeks working at British Gas in the Energy Performance Contracting Team. In the Spring of 2014, she will be undertaking a secondment to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) looking at how smart meter data can be used to improve UK energy efficiency policies.

Research Interests

  • Energy service perspective to the use of energy
  • Residential Building retrofit
  • Building Energy Modelling