Olivia Rendon

Associate, University of Leeds

Olivia Rendon

Olivia’s project title is ‘Costs and benefits distribution of ecosystem services: the case of Güisayote Biological Reserve, Honduras’.

The study is expected to contribute to determining the feasibility of a payment for ecosystem services scheme in the study site, to analysing the effects of environmental governance and property rights in the levels of equity in the use of water, and proposing more socially beneficial ways of accessing ecosystem services.


Olivia has substantial experience working in the non-profit sector, academia and government.

Olivia participated in the organisation and research of different NGOs (eg Bay Islands Foundation, Honduras and CHIRAG, India). She also taught at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras and worked for two years managing projects at the Honduran Secretariat of Natural Resources and Environment.

Most recently, Olivia worked as a research assistant on REDD+ projects in Peru at the School of Geography, and as a Teaching Fellow of environmental economics at the School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds.

She has a Licenciatura (BSc) Biology from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras, a postgraduate diploma in Natural Resources Management and Conservation from DUMAC, Mexico, and an MPhil in Environment, Society and Development from Cambridge University.

Research interests

  • Ecosystem services;
  • Protected areas;
  • Natural resource management (eg water, wildlife);
  • Biodiversity and conservation;
  • Environmental economics;
  • Equity and sustainable development.

Research articles