Christopher Dent

Professor of East Asia's International Political Economy, University of Leeds

Christopher Dent

Christopher Dent is Professor of East Asia’s International Political Economy located in the Department of East Asian Studies. His work centres on East Asia’s renewable energy development and low carbon development strategies, as well as how these are linked to international trade and climate change diplomacy. He is a member of the Energy Leeds Executive Committee and in 2014 led the organisation of the ‘Cities, Energy and Climate Change Mitigation’ conference held in Leeds. Christopher has been actively involved in Pacific Energy Summits, where he has talked about renewable energy and climate change issues. His latest book, Renewable Energy in East Asia: Towards a New Developmentalism, was published in December 2014 by Routledge, which fused theories of state capacity and ecological modernisation to explain why East Asia has become the world’s leading renewable energy producer and investor.


Christopher is a trained economist whose work over time became increasingly inter-disciplinary and focused on understanding the global impacts of East Asia’s economic development. After researching deeply on regional integration and international trade issues, he moved to the study of East Asia’s energy development, especially renewable energy. He joined the University of Leeds in 2003 after having previously taught at the University of Hull. Christopher is originally from London but has lived in Yorkshire since his early 20s.

Research interests

  • Renewable energy development in East Asia and globally
  • East Asia’s low carbon development and climate change strategies
  • International renewable energy trade
  • Cities, urbanisation and renewable energy