Elke Pirgmaier

Research Fellow, University of Leeds

Elke Pirgmaier

Elke is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Sustainability Research Institute at the University of Leeds.

Elke studies the links between capitalist dynamics and global environmental challenges, from a political economy and ecological economics perspective. Elke is keen to unveil the political implications of different economic theories and methodologies to explain barriers to sustainability transitions with a view to supporting radical systemic change towards social and environmental justice.

Elke’s PhD research aimed to strengthen theoretical and methodological links between heterodox economics and ecological economics. It is based on the recognition that tackling the interrelated nature of social-ecological phenomena from a systemic perspective is rare, i.e. there is little theorising about the environment and the economy as a whole. More theorising is needed however, as it is both important for understanding and explaining the reality of contemporary economic systems and for thinking about how future sustainable societies might look like.

Elke has an MSc in Business from WU Vienna University of Economics and Business.