Larry Karp

Visiting Professor, LSE

Larry Karp

Larry Karp is a Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics at University of California, Berkeley. He has previously taught at Texas A&M and University of Southampton.

Research interests

  • climate economics
  • instrument selection
  • the formation of International Environmental Agreements
  • discounting
  • dynamic games
  • international trade and industrial organization.

Recent journal articles include:

Iverson, Terrence and Larry Karp, “Carbon Taxes and Climate Commitment with Non-constant Time Preference”, Review of Economic Studies Vol 88, pp 764-799, 2021.

Karp, Larry and Hiroaki Sakamoto, “Sober optimism and the formation of International Environmental Agreements”, Journal of Economic Theory, vol 197, 1- 35 2021

Karp, Larry and Armon Rezai “Trade and Resource Sustainability with Asset Markets”,  Dynamic Games and Applications, 2021

Books include:

Karp, Larry Natural Resources as Capital, MIT Press, 2017.

Karp, Larry Lecture Notes for International Trade, World Scientific Publishing Company, 2021

Current working papers include:

Selfish incentives for climate policy: empower the young! (with Alesandro Peri and Armon Rezai)

Taxes versus quantities reassessed (with Christian Traeger)

The value of information in a congested fishery (with Gabriel Englander and Leo Simon)

Optimal social distancing and the economics of uncertain vaccine arrival (with Terrence Iverson and Alesandro Peri)

Ranking suboptimal climate policies: carbon markets and policy stringency