Ross Gillard

Research Student, University of Leeds

Ross Gillard

The title of Ross’ PhD project is ‘Governing rapid transitions in climate change mitigation and adaptation’. The project is part of the second phase of CCEP, contributing to the research theme ‘Enabling rapid transitions in mitigation and adaptation’. By critically evaluating the governance regimes of past and current transitions the study intends to identify internal and external drivers of rapid change, with a view to proposing an evaluative framework that can be applied to the complex governance challenges of climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Ross has hands-on experience working in small-scale sustainable agriculture in the UK, France and New Zealand. His academic background includes an MSc in sustainability (environment & development) at the University of Leeds and a PGCert and BSc in Psychology from the Universities of Cardiff and Worcester respectively.

Research interests

  •  Modes of governance
  •  Climate and energy justice
  •  Socio-technical and social-ecological transitions
  •  Social theories of change
  •  Comparative research and historiography