Welcome to the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy

Welcome to the ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy

Our mission is to advance public and private action on climate change through rigorous, innovative research into economics and policy

We achieve this by bringing together some of the world's leading researchers, from many different disciplines. Find out more about what we do...|

Latest news


Photograph of stack of papersLeaked climate change report: Scientific body warns of 'devastating rise of 4-5C if we carry on as we are'|

13 April, The Independent: "Global greenhouse gas emissions over the past decade were the "highest in human history", according to the world's leading scientific body for the assessment of climate change. Without further action, temperatures will increase by about 4 to 5C, compared with pre-industrial levels, it warns, a level that could reap devastating effects on the planet".


Photograph of sand bags as flood defenseShale gas can help to prevent global warming - IPCC|

13 April, The Times: "Shale gas can help the world to avoid dangerous climate change if it replaces coal in power stations, according to a United Nations report."




Photograph of UN flagsUN climate change report on how to cut emissions|

13 April, The Guardian: "The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change releases its report on reducing global greenhouse gas emissions"





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