Place-based Climate Action Network (P-CAN)

The ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy is co-hosting, together with the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation and the Centre for the Study of Risk and Inequality at Queen’s University Belfast, the Place-based Climate Action Network (P-CAN).

P-CAN was launched on 31 January 2019, and is initially funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council for five years.

The P-CAN vision is to produce a replicable model that delivers climate policies on a global to local scale, facilitating and inspiring places across the UK.

P-CAN consists of five innovative platforms to facilitate two-way, multi-level engagement between researchers and stakeholders. These platforms are three city-based ‘climate commissions’ in Belfast, Edinburgh and Leeds, and two theme-based platforms on finance and business.

Further information about P-CAN can be found on the P-CAN website

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