Carbon Leakage, Consumption, and Trade

Research article by Misato Sato on 19 Sep 2022

The authors of this paper review the state of knowledge concerning international CO2 emission transfers associated particularly with trade in energy-intensive goods and concerns about carbon leakage arising from climate policies.

Climate and disaster resilience measurement: Persistent gaps in multiple hazards, methods, and practicability

Research article by Sara Mehryar on 7 Jul 2022

The authors of this paper offer a critical review and an assessment of approaches to climate and disaster resilience measurement with a particular focus on three issues: (1) the consideration of compounding socioeconomic and climatic risks in approaches to resilience measurement; (2) the methodological and technical aspects of resilience measurement; and (3) the application and practicability of resilience measurement across various contexts to reliably inform decision-making processes.