The voluntary carbon market and sustainable development

Policy publication by Rob Macquarie on 20 Mar 2023

This policy brief explores how the voluntary carbon market has the potential to pave the way to a net zero and sustainable economy and help close finance gaps in sectors that are critical to the transition.

Submission to the UK Environmental Audit Committee’s Inquiry on Environmental Change and Food Security

Working paper by on 6 Mar 2023

This report consists of written evidence to the UK Parliament Environmental Audit Committee’s inquiry on environmental change and food security. It states that UK’s Food Strategy of 2022 does not sufficiently factor climate risks into building resilient domestic food supply chains and suggests measures that the Government could take to increase food security while providing climate mitigation and health co-benefits.

Water risks for hydroelectricity generation

Working paper by on 23 Feb 2023

This paper studies the impact of reduced water availability on hydroelectricity generation, a central piece in the low-carbon transition, in Europe and the United States.

The stumbling block in ‘the race of our lives’: transition-critical materials, financial risks and the NGFS climate scenarios

Working paper by Hugh Miller, Simon Dikau, Romain Svartzman, Stéphane Dees on 30 Jan 2023

This paper empirically estimates the material demand requirements for so-called ‘transition-critical materials’ (TCMs) implied under two climate scenarios and finds potentially serious supply ‘bottlenecks’ for three materials – copper, lithium and nickel – which are exacerbated if the transition is delayed.