Emily Bradeen

Research Assistant (Climate Change Laws of the World)

Emily Bradeen

Emily is a Research Assistant for the Grantham Research Institute’s Climate Change Laws of the World project—the most comprehensive global resource on climate legislation and policy.


Prior to the GRI, Emily worked for the in-house legal counsel a multimedia firm in Montreal. She has also produced research for the Third Generation Project, a Scottish think-tank producing research on human rights and climate justice, where she was able to pursue her interests in environmental policy and water security.

Emily holds a degree in International Relations from the University of St Andrews and an MPhil in Public Policy from the University of Cambridge, where she researched opportunities for enhancing subnational cooperation over Canada’s renewable energy transition and produced a policy report for the Scottish Parliament on enhancing the scrutiny of government by leveraging the use of internal and external resources.

Research interests

  • Multi-level governance and the role of subnational governments in climate action.
  • The role of law and litigation in shaping and delivering a Just Transition
  • International regimes and the geopolitics of the energy transition