Reviving global cooperation in challenging times

Policy publication by Amar Bhattacharya, Homi Kharas, Nicholas Stern, Chunping Xie on 25 Nov 2020

The world is currently facing two crises of potentially immense proportions: COVID-19 and climate change. The response to both must be global, urgent and on great scale, argue the authors of this paper, as they outline the need for a sustainable recovery, and also the importance of China’s role.

Climate Change and the Governance of Corporations: Lessons from the Retail Sector

Book by Andy Gouldson, Rory Sullivan on 22 Oct 2020

Climate change represents the most important environmental challenge of our time. Organisations are responding by implementing governance processes and taking action to reduce their own emissions and the emissions from their supply chains and value chains. Yet very little is known about how these efforts contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (if, indeed, they make […]

COVID-19 mortality and contemporaneous air pollution

by Wes Austin, Stefano Carattini, John Gomez Mahecha on 5 Oct 2020

Examining the relationship between contemporaneous exposure to fine particulate matter and COVID-19 morbidity and mortality, this paper, using US data, finds that fluctuations in local air quality can almost immediately impact the rate of confirmed cases and deaths from the disease.