Public sector agenda for stimulating private market development in green securitisation in Europe

Policy publication by Sean Kidney, Diletta Giuliani, Beate Sonerud on 27 Feb 2017

Headline issue Scaling up investment in low-carbon infrastructure is of paramount importance for limiting global warming to 2°C and for the EU to meet its 2030 emissions targets. The annual global investment required for infrastructure in a low-carbon scenario amounts to trillions of euros; this is not being met. This paper examines the role that […]

Adaptation planning and the use of climate change projections in local government in England and Germany

Research article by Suraje Dessai, Piers Forster, Susanne Lorenz, Jouni Paavola on 23 Feb 2017

Planning for adaptation to climate change is often regarded to be a local imperative and considered to be more effective if grounded on a solid evidence base and recognisant of relevant climate projections. Research has already documented some of the challenges of making climate information usable in decision-making but has not yet sufficiently reflected on […]

Social discounting: the SOC/STP divide

Working paper by Michael Spackman on 10 Feb 2017

More than 50 years of social discounting literature have not delivered satisfactory academic guidance to government practitioners. Users of the social opportunity cost (SOC) paradigm do not always appreciate that … read more »