Multinational and large national corporations and climate adaptation: are we asking the right questions? A review of current knowledge and a new research perspective

Research article by Alina Averchenkova, Florence Crick, Adriana Kocornik-Mina, Hayley Leck, Swenja Surminski on 19 May 2016

Adapting to climate change requires the engagement of all actors in society. Until recently, the predominant research focus has been on governments, communities, and the third sector as key actors … read more »

Cities and climate change mitigation: Economic opportunities and governance challenges in Asia

Research article by Andy Gouldson, Sarah Colenbrander, Andrew Sudmant, N. Kerr, Stephen Hall, Effie Papargyropolou on 1 May 2016

Cities are central to the fight against climate change, but the IPCC recently noted that many cities — and particularly those in the developing world — lack the institutional, financial and technical capacities needed to switch to low emission development paths. Based on detailed case studies of three Asian cities, this paper finds that the […]