The economic case for low carbon waste management in rapidly growing cities in the developing world: The case of Palembang, Indonesia

Research article by Sarah Colenbrander, Andrew Sudmant, Andy Gouldson on 5 Nov 2015

This study evaluates the carbon and economic performance of low-carbon measures in the waste sector at a city level, within the context of a developing country. Palembang in Indonesia is used as a case of a medium-sized city in a newly industrialized country, with relevance to other similar cities in the developing world.

Impacts of land tenure arrangements on the adaptive capacity of marginalized groups: The case of Ghana’s Ejura Sekyedumase and Bongo districts

Research article by Philip Antwi-Agyei, Andy Dougill, Lindsay Stringer on 5 Nov 2015

This paper employs a participatory mixed-method approach including household questionnaire surveys, key informant interviews, oral narratives and focus group discussions to understand the dynamics of livelihood challenges in 6 dryland farming communities of different vulnerability status in Ghana.

Investing in low-carbon transitions: energy finance as an adaptive market

Research article by Stephen Hall, Tim Foxon on 29 Oct 2015

The amount of capital required to transition energy systems to low-carbon futures is very large, yet analysis of energy systems change has been curiously quiet on the role of capital markets in financing energy transitions. This is surprising given the huge role finance and investment must play in facilitating transformative change. We argue this has […]

Tenure Insecurity and Investment in Soil Conservation. Evidence from Malawi

Research article by Stefania Lovo on 28 Oct 2015

This paper focuses on two main sources of tenure insecurity, informal short-term tenancy contracts, and customary gender-biased inheritance practices. Using a large plot-level dataset from Malawi, the analysis employs a linear probability model with household fixed effects and finds that both sources of insecurity have a negative effect on soil conservation investments. read more »