Benchmarking carbon emissions performance in supply chains

Research article by Adolf Acquaye, John Barrett on 1 Sep 2014

The paper aims to develop a benchmarking framework to address issues such as supply chain complexity and visibility, geographical differences and non-standardized data, ensuring that the entire supply chain environmental impact (in terms of carbon) and resource use for all tiers, including domestic and import flows, are evaluated. Benchmarking has become an important issue in […]

Applying ImPACT: A modelling framework to explore the role of producers and consumers in reducing emissions

Research article by Elena Dawkins, A Bows-Larkin, John Barrett on 12 Aug 2014

The consumption emissions of many developed countries including the UK are significantly larger than their territorial emissions – the focus of international mitigation commitments. The paper presents the development and application of a multiregional input–output based scenario tool to explore the impact of carbon reduction measures on territorial and consumption emissions. Applying the tool to […]