Divergence of trends in US and UK aggregate exergy efficiencies

Working paper by Paul E. Brockway, John Barrett, Tim Foxon, Julia Steinberger on 1 Jun 2014

National exergy efficiency analysis relates to the quality of primary energy inputs to an economy with end useful work in sectoral energy uses such as transport, heat and electrical devices. This approach has been used by a range of authors to explore insights to macro-scale energy systems and linkages with economic growth. However, these studies use […]

The impact of climatic hazards on social network structure: Insights from community support networks in Western Uganda

Working paper by Rachel Berman, Claire Quinn, Jouni Paavola on 1 Jun 2014

Social support networks are considered important coping mechanisms in the literature, however not all households experience the same levels of inclusion in these networks. Understanding how support networks vary across climatic shocks is necessary to ensure that adaptation and development policies do not erode access to networks but few studies have investigated this phenomenon. We […]

National and sub-national integration

Policy publication, Research article by Andy Gouldson on 1 Jun 2014

Matsumoto T; Nutall C; Bathan G; Gouldson AP; Laloe F; Pathak M; Robert A; Welch D (2014), Green Growth in Practice: Lessons from Country Experiences, GGGI, ECF and CDKN.