Stephen Hall

University Academic Fellow, University of Leeds

Stephen Hall

Stephen currently holds an EPSRC fellowship investigating deep decarbonisation of cities. He is interested in the links between low-carbon innovation, economics, energy, climate change and society. In particular he is interested in the role of cities and regions in delivering infrastructures compatible with low-carbon futures.

Steve has undertaken international work on urban emissions modelling, infrastructure finance and energy decarbonisation. Steve has recently published research on innovative business models for energy transitions, how finance and ownership models have both technical and social effects on energy systems, and how cities can play a key role in decentralised energy expansion. Steve’s work has been incorporated into national energy policy, used by the Infrastructure Commission, and adopted by the International Energy Agency.

Steve’s work on the ‘Innovation Interface’ between smart cities, smart grids and electric vehicles is now live!


PhD Sustainable Infrastructure – University of Hull

MSc Sustainable Resource Management – Univeristy of Hull

BSc Countryside Management – University of Hull (Bishop Burton College)

Research Interests

  • Infrastructure finance
  • Ecological Economics
  • Energy Transitions
  • Urban energy systems and resource planning
  • Urban political economy
  • Low – carbon infrastructure
  • Sustainable economic development

Research articles

Working papers

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