A macroeconomic perspective on climate change mitigation: Meeting the financing challenge

Research article by Alex Bowen, Emanuele Campiglio on 18 Mar 2014

Building on simulations using Integrated Assessment Models and historical evidence, this paper explores some of the issues posed by this dual financing challenge. We discuss the “fiscal self-reliance” of the energy sector, finding that carbon pricing would generate sufficient fiscal revenues within each region to finance total investment in energy supply. read more »

Agreeing to disagree on climate policy

Research article by Antony Millner on 11 Mar 2014

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA. Disagreements about the value of the utility discount rate—the rate at which our concern for the welfare of future people declines with their distance from us in time—are at the heart of the debate about the appropriate intensity of climate policy. read more »

Community Based Adaptation: Financing Local Adaptation.

Presentations and data by Hannah Reid, Adrian Fenton, Clare Stott, Alexander Stubbings, Helena Wright, P. Kirkby, E. Parry, Erin Roberts, B. Smith, K. Wilson on 7 Mar 2014

Reid, H., Fenton, A., Kirkby, P., Parry, E., Roberts, E., Smith, B., Stott, C., Stubbings, A., Totton, J., Wilson, K., Wright, H. 2014. Conference Proceedings. Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies, and International Institute for Environment and Development, and Clean Energy Nepal.