Green growth

Book by Alex Bowen on 11 Nov 2014

Ch. 15 in Atkinson, G., Dietz, S., Neumayer, E., and M. Agarwala (Ed.s) (2014): Handbook of sustainable development, 2nd edition, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK. ISBN 978 1 78254 469 2. … read more »

The impact of domestic energy efficiency retrofit schemes on householder attitudes and behaviours

Research article by Phil Webber, Andy Gouldson on 4 Nov 2014

Retrofitting existing housing stock to improve energy efficiency is often required to meet climate mitigation, public health and fuel poverty targets. Increasing uptake and effectiveness of retrofit schemes requires understanding of their impacts on householder attitudes and behaviours. This paper reports results of a survey of 500 Kirklees householders in the UK, where the Kirklees […]

The economic case for low carbon cities

Research article, Working paper by Andy Gouldson, S. Colenbrander, F. McAnulla, A. Sudmant, N. Kerr, P. Sakai, Stephen Hall, J. C. I Kuylenstierna on 1 Nov 2014

In this paper, we conduct a comparative analysis of the results of five recently completed studies that examined the economic case for investment in low-carbon development in five cities: Leeds in the UK, Kolkata in India, Lima in Peru, Johor Bahru in Malaysia and Palembang in Indonesia. The results demonstrate that there is a compelling […]