Andy Dougill

Dean of International Development and Professor of Environmental Sustainability at the University of Leeds

Andy Dougill

Andy is Dean of International Development and Professor of Environmental Sustainability at the University of Leeds.

He has extensive research expertise from a range of agro-ecosystems in the development of integrated methods for land degradation and farming system resilience assessment.

His current work is extending such approaches by developing vulnerability assessments based on studies at a range of scales, and incorporating environmental resilience, institutional analysis and socio-environmental scenario assessments.

Andy leads the ‘Sustainability Science for Pro-Poor Climate Policy’ work package within the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) that will analyse the integrated use of climate science and local knowledge in developing climate resilience projects and programmes in sub-Saharan Africa. He is also leading field-based research assessments of sub-Saharan farming systems in related work as part of the NERC/DFID Future Climate for Africa programme.


Andy has a BSc in Geography and a PhD in Environmental Change from the University of Sheffield.

He has authored over 70 peer-reviewed on climate change vulnerability, adaptations to environmental change and land degradation assessment approaches. He has developed integrated participatory methodologies for stakeholder-led land degradation assessments in a range of agro-ecological zones across the globe, including semi-arid savannas, dryland mixed farming systems, mountain farming systems and temperate upland ecosystems. He has provided inputs to national, regional and international reviews of land degradation and climate vulnerability assessment methods for a wide range of academic and institutional reports.


Research interests

  • Soil degradation;
  • Agricultural development;
  • Participatory and environmental monitoring;
  • Climate services and adaptation planning.

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