Andy Challinor

Professor, Institute for Atmospheric Science, University of Leeds

Andy Challinor

Andy is Professor of Climate Impacts at Leeds university, in the Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science of the School of Earth and Environment.

His research focuses principally on using climate modelling and process studies to understand food production and food security, treatments of uncertainty and managing risk, and climate-resilient pathways and adaptation.

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Andy’s previous roles include being on the expert panel for Scoping Study on the Analysis, Propagation and Communication of Probability, Uncertainty and Risk (2009-2010); The UK Poverty and Adaptation Seminar Series Network (2008-2009); and The International Society for Agricultural Meteorology working group for the re-writing of the WMO/CAgM Guide to Agricultural Meteorological Practices (2005-2006).

Andy has written many research papers, reviewed papers for a range of journals, and also reviewed research proposals for the NSF, DEFRA, The Danish International Development Agency and the Research Council of Norway. He was an adviser on, and cited in, ‘The Rough Guide to Climate Change’, published by Rough Guides.

Andy was a ‘Science of Risk’ runner up in the Lloyds Research Prize, in the category of ‘Climate Change’.

Andy received a BSc Physics (European) Honours Class from the University of Leeds, and has a PhD in Meteorology and Forest Micro-Climate, also from the University of Leeds.

Research interests

  • Climate modelling and processes;
  • Food production and food security;
  • Treatments of uncertainty and managing risk;
  • Climate-resilient pathways;
  • Adaptation.

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