You never adapt alone – the role of Multi-Sectoral Partnerships in addressing urban climate risks

Working paper by Swenja Surminski, Hayley Leck on 24 Mar 2016

While multi-sectoral partnerships (MSPs) now form an increasingly popular and important part of the global climate and disaster risk governance landscape, particularly in urban areas, literature offers little critical investigation of this phenomenon. Through the lens of three partnership case studies from London, Rotterdam and Durban this paper investigates the scope for MSPs to enhance […]

Appropriate time discounting in the public sector

Working paper by Michael Spackman on 15 Mar 2016

A substantial literature of social discounting has now extended over more than 50 years, but practical approaches in developed economies and international bodies continue to vary widely. This is sometimes … read more »

Muriel Bonjean Stanton

A systematic review of the impacts of climate variability and change on electricity systems in Europe

Working paper by Muriel Bonjean Stanton, Suraje Dessai, Jouni Paavola on 14 Mar 2016

Understanding the impacts of climate variability and change (CV&C) on electricity systems is paramount for operators preparing for weather-related disruptions, policymakers deciding on future directions of energy policies and European decision makers shaping research programs. This study conducted a systematic literature review to collate consistent patterns of impacts of CV&C on electricity systems in Europe. […]

Climate change and central banks

Presentations and data by Nicholas Stern on 9 Mar 2016

Presentation given at a Bank for International Settlements event in February 2016. Prepared with Amar Bhattacharya, Brookings Institution with support from the NCE programme on financing sustainable infrastructure