Microfinance and climate change adaptation: an overview of the current literature

Research article by Adrian Fenton, Jouni Paavola, Anne Tallontire on 28 Sep 2015

Abstract There is growing interest in the role microfinance could play in facilitating adaptation to climate change. This article contributes to this interest by reviewing the state of the literature on microfinance and climate change adaptation which has two key areas. The first area of the literature focuses on the potential for microfinance to facilitate […]

Jouni Paavola

Multi-level environmental governance: exploring the economic explanations

Research article by Jouni Paavola on 17 Sep 2015

Multi-level environmental governance (MLEG) has become commonplace, yet few attempts have been made to explain in economic terms why it should have emerged. This article examines four economic explanations for MLEG. The first considers it as a solution for overcoming collective action challenges when a large number of actors are involved. The second explanation is […]

The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange and spatial price dispersion

Working paper by Camilla Andersson, Andrea Mannberg on 11 Sep 2015

This working paper looks at the impact of an institutional intervention on market efficiency in Ethiopia. More specifically it examines whether regional warehouses that are connected to a national commodity exchange reduce transaction costs and price dispersion between regions. read more »