Well-being dynamics and poverty traps

Research article by Teevrat Garg on 26 Jul 2016

A sound understanding of poverty traps – defined as poverty that is self-reinforcing due to the poor’s equilibrium behaviors—and their underlying mechanisms is fundamentally important to the development of … read more »

Model confirmation in climate economics

Research article by Antony Millner, Tom McDermott on 26 Jul 2016

Paper demonstrates the potential benefits of model confirmation exercises for policy applications, demonstrating that the economic growth model used by a prominent BC-IAM had little predictive power over the 20th century. read more »

Energy services

Research article by Roger Fouquet on 21 Jul 2016

Fouquet, Roger (2016). In: Durlauf, Steven N. and Blume, Lawrence E., (eds.) The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics. Palgrave Macmillan.

Using a novel climate–water conflict vulnerability index to capture double exposures in Lake Chad

Research article by Lindsay Stringer, Andy Dougill, Uche Okpara on 6 Jul 2016

Climate variability is amongst an array of threats facing agricultural livelihoods, with its effects unevenly distributed. With resource conflict being increasingly recognised as one significant outcome of climate variability and change, understanding the underlying drivers that shape differential vulnerabilities in areas that are double-exposed to climate and conflict has great significance. Climate change vulnerability frameworks […]

Path dependence in energy systems and economic development

Research article by Roger Fouquet on 1 Jul 2016

Energy systems are subject to strong and long-lived path dependence, owing to technological, infrastructural, institutional and behavioural lock-ins. Yet, with the prospect of providing accessible cheap energy to stimulate economic … read more »