Beliefs, politics, and environmental policy

Research article by Antony Millner, Helene Ollivier on 23 Aug 2016

Experts and the general public often perceive environmental problems differently. Moreover, regulatory responses to environmental issues often do not coincide with consensus expert recommendations. These two facts are mutually … read more »

Exploring power and procedural justice within Climate Compatible Development design: whose priorities are being considered?

Research article by Ben Wood, Lindsay Stringer, Andy Dougill, Claire Quinn on 17 Aug 2016

Climate compatible development (CCD) is gaining traction as a conceptual framework for mainstreaming climate change mitigation and adaptation within development efforts. Understanding whether and how CCD design processes reconcile different stakeholder preferences can reveal how the concept contends with patterns of sociocultural and political oppression that condition patterns of development. We, therefore, explore procedural justice […]

Low Carbon Cities: Is Ambitious Action Affordable?

Research article by Andrew Sudmant, Joel Millward-Hopkins, Sarah Colenbrander, Andy Gouldson on 15 Aug 2016

Research has begun to uncover the extent that greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to cities, as well as the scope for cities to contribute to emissions reduction. But assessments of the economics of urban climate mitigation are lacking, and are currently based on selective case studies or specific sectors. Further analysis is crucial to […]