Monica Di Gregorio

Integrating mitigation and adaptation in climate and land use policies in Indonesia: a policy document analysis

Working paper by Monica Di Gregorio, Leandra Fatorelli, Maria Brockhaus, Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat, Emilia Pramova, Intan Maya Sari, Bruno Locatelli on 25 Nov 2015

Most of the climate policy integration literature focuses on mainstreaming mitigation OR adaptation into sectoral policies. Such approaches, however, tend to ignore possible interactions between climate change adaptation and mitigation, which are particularly important in the land use sector. This paper investigates climate policy integration and coherence in the forest and agricultural sectors in Indonesia. […]

Critical minerals today and in 2030: an analysis of OECD countries

Policy publication by Renaud Coulomb, Simon Dietz, Maria Godunova on 18 Nov 2015

The purpose of this report is to perform for the first time an analysis of critical minerals for the OECD countries as a whole. In addition, this is done not only today, as previous reports have done, but also in 2030, in order to form an initial picture of how possible trends in economic development will affect which minerals are critical in the long-run future. read more »

The risk of climate ruin

Working paper by Oliver Bettis, Simon Dietz, Nick Silver on 17 Nov 2015

How large a risk is society prepared to run with the climate system? One perspective on this is to compare the risk that the world is running with the climate … read more »

Exploring the applications of carbon footprinting towards sustainability at a UK university: Reporting and decision making

Research article by John Barrett on 16 Nov 2015

Campus greening is often the first step universities take towards sustainability. In order to infer the current level of environmental performance and the progress being made it is imperative that universities measure and report their campus greening efforts. This paper shows that sustainability reporting can be a simple task and is of significant value for […]