The Role of Microfinance in Household Livelihood Adaptation in Satkhira District, Southwest Bangladesh

Research article by Adrian Fenton, Jouni Paavola, Anne Tallontire on 4 Dec 2016

There is increasing interest in the potential of microfinance to foster climate change adaptation. However, existing literature over-relies upon theoretical arguments rather than empirical evidence, and until now the emphasis has been on potential positive linkages. We address these weaknesses by empirically examining the role of microfinance in adaptation, drawing from household-level quantitative and qualitative […]

How green are green economists?

Research article by Stefano Carattini, Alessandro Tavoni on 30 Nov 2016

Abstract The market for voluntary carbon offsets has grown steadily in the last decade, yet it remains a very small niche. While 10% of greenhouse gas emissions generated by transportation are related to civil aviation, the use of offsets in this industry remains marginal for both leisure and business traveling. This paper exploits a unique […]