Peter Taylor

Chair in Sustainable Energy Systems, University of Leeds

Peter Taylor

Peter is Professor of Sustainable Energy Systems at the Centre for Integrated Energy Research at the University of Leeds.

His research combines science, technology, economics and policy to enhance the understanding of, and policy responses to, the challenges of accelerating the transition to sustainable low-carbon energy systems.


Prior to joining the University of Leeds in September 2011, Peter was Head of the Energy Technology Policy Division at the International Energy Agency in Paris and, previous to that, Technical Director of Future Energy Solutions (a business of AEA Technology plc), a large UK energy and environmental consultancy.

Peter graduated from the University of Nottingham with a BSc in Physics, Applied Physics and Electronics, and subsequently gained both an MSc in Environmental Technology and a PhD in Energy Policy from Imperial College London.

Research interests

  • Energy systems modelling;
  • Technology assessment and roadmapping;
  • Energy technology policy analysis.

Research articles

Working papers