Peer-to-peer solar and social rewards: evidence from a field experiment

Working paper by Stefano Carattini, Kenneth Gillingham, Xiangyu Meng, Erez Yoeli on 9 Nov 2022

Peer-to-peer solar offers households who cannot have solar panels fixed to their own homes to access solar energy from their neighbours. But because this is an invisible form of pro-environmental behaviour, the rewards in the form of social approval are lower. This working paper finds that the ability to share reports of green behaviour online made people more likely to show interest in the scheme.

Municipal building codes and the adoption of solar photovoltaics

Working paper by Stefano Carattini, Alexander Gordan, Andreas Löschel on 10 Oct 2022

A significant share of German municipalities have amended their building codes to restrict solar installations, often to preserve the historical nature of towns. These restrictions have an economically important impact on solar adoption. These restrictions should be reviewed to see whether they are still warranted today and in the future, as technology evolves.

Carbon Leakage, Consumption, and Trade

Research article by Misato Sato on 19 Sep 2022

The authors of this paper review the state of knowledge concerning international CO2 emission transfers associated particularly with trade in energy-intensive goods and concerns about carbon leakage arising from climate policies.