Marta Bruno Soares

Associate, University of Leeds

Marta Bruno Soares

Marta is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow based at the Sustainability Research Institute at the University of Leeds


Marta is a research fellow based at the Sustainability Research Institute and an associate researcher at the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP).

Before starting her academic career Marta worked as a policy planner in the UK focusing on developing climate change planning policies at the local level and working on related tasks such as public consultation, strategic environmental assessment, GIS, and monitoring of local policies.

She holds a BSc in Environmental Management from Universidade Atlantica in Portugal, an MSc in Spatial Planning from Oxford Brookes and a PhD in Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation from the University of West Scotland funded by the Scottish Alliance for Geosciences, Environment and Society (SAGES).

Her PhD research revolved around understandings and knowledge of climate change vulnerability assessments (CCVA). On a practical level, the project explored the main challenges of preforming these types of assessments at the local level in Scotland. At a more conceptual level, it examined the discrepancies between conceptual framings of CCVA in the literature and existing governance structures and agency to act upon the outcomes of such local vulnerability assessments.

Marta is currently working with Professor Suraje Dessai on an EU FP7 project entitled “European Provision of Regional Impacts Assessments on Seasonal and Decadal timescales” (EUPORIAS). Her main role is co-ordinating the assessment of users’ needs with regard to seasonal to decadal climate predictions across European sectors. For more on the EUPORIAS project see:

Research interests

  • Seasonal to decadal climate predictions
  • Climate services
  • Climate information and users’ needs
  • Climate change vulnerability, adaptation, and governance