Cancun and Food Security

Date: 2 Nov 2010
Venue: University of Leeds

Part of the Seminar Series at Leeds

Biography – David Howlett

David Howlett is Executive Director of Africa College and a visiting senior research fellow in climate change and agriculture at the University of Leeds.

He is currently working with research scientists across different faculties at Leeds and with African research partners to increase the impact of their research, and he is working to turn research results into evidence to inform agriculture and climate change policies.

Before joining Leeds, David worked for the British Government’s Department for International Development (DFID), where he worked on food and climate change policies and attended last year’s climate change meeting in Copenhagen.

Prior to this, he was in DFID’s Research and Evidence Division, where he was the head of the agriculture research team, and worked extensively with FARA, ASARECA, CORAF and SADC on establishing research programmes in Africa.

David has a long history of living and working in Africa and most recently was a UNDP adviser based in the Vice President’s Office in Tanzania.

He has undertaken research on sustainable land management working for international and national research organisations in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.