‘Climate Change and Water Resources: Home Water Use Served Three Ways’

Date: 11 Jun 2014 4:00 pm — 5:15 pm
Speaker(s): Rebecca Pearce, Associate Research Fellow at The University of Exeter
Venue: School of Earth and Environment Seminar Rooms (8.119) University of Leeds.

Chair: Suraje Dessai, Professor of Climate Change Adaptation at the Sustainability Research Institute

For this presentation, I will discuss the application of Classic Glaserian Grounded Theory methodology to the phenomenon of drought, when viewed from the perspective of household water users in southern England. To establish a clear separation between the emergence of substantive theory from data, and more popular mixed method studies that claim to take a ‘grounded theory approach’, I will also look at two alternative methods that to a greater or lesser extent can provide insight into individual water use behaviours when water resources are in short supply; the collection of Oral Histories where narrators personally recall how they reacted to water rationing in past droughts; and Auto-ethnography, which incorporates descriptive elements taken from field notes of personal interactions between the researcher and the subjects of study (water users). I will present extracts from my theory in the traditional discussional form and discuss how the results of these alternative methods can be viewed separately or as supportive companions to the theory.

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