Human rights and climate change

Date: 8 Nov 2018 6:30 pm — 8:00 pm
Speaker(s): Professor Myles Allen, Roberto Eugenio T Cadiz, Lord Carnwath, Dr Stephen Humphreys
Venue: Hong Kong Theatre, Clement's House, LSE, London

Hosted by the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment and LSE Law

An expert panel will discuss the links between human rights and climate change, and whether rights-based climate change claims are one future path to spurring climate action.

Myles Allen is Head, Climate Dynamics group, Department of Physics, University of Oxford.

Roberto Eugenio T Cadiz is focal commissioner for Business and Human Rights; Environment and Sustainable Development Goals at the Commission on Human Rights of the Republic of the Philippines.

Robert Carnwath is a Justice of The Supreme Court.

Annalisa Savaresi is Lecturer in Law, University of Stirling.

Stephen Humphreys is an Associate Professor of International Law. He was formerly Research Director at the International Council on Human Rights Policy in Geneva.

Twitter Hashtag for this event: #LSEclimatechange

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