Low Carbon Leeds City Region: how we can save £1 billion a year on energy

Date: 9 Jan 2012
Speaker(s): Paul Hamer, Andy Gouldson
Venue: University of Leeds

Leeds City Region currently has an energy bill in excess of £5bn a year – or 10% of its GDP – and this is increasing every year. Are there cost effective ways of cutting this energy bill whilst also enhancing competitiveness and creating employment?

If so, where are the most cost and carbon effective options, how much do they cost and how quickly would they pay back? Is the business case strong enough to attract major investments? And if we made these investments by how much could we cut Leeds City Region carbon emissions?

Leeds City Region local enterprise partnership (LEP) and the Centre for Low Carbon Futures (CLCF) launched groundbreaking research on the potential for a truly commercially viable, energy efficient, low carbon Leeds City Region.

The event also saw the launch of the Leeds City Region LEP’s business led Green Economy Panel, tasked with advising the LEP on its approach to developing a world-class low-carbon economy.