Past Events

Scientific uncertainty: untameable monster, dragon of inaction, or source of knowledge?

Speaker(s): Professor Stephan Lewandowsky
17 Feb 2016 at Worsley seminar room 8.49n, University of Leeds

Public seminar hosted by the Centre for Decision Research jointly with the Priestley International Centre for Climate, the Sustainability Research Institute and the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy. Uncertainty forms an integral part of science, and uncertainty is intrinsic to many global risks that dynamically unfold over time, from “peak oil” to genetically […]

Grantham Workshop | Outcomes of COP 21 in Paris and implications for the research agenda

17 Feb 2016 at London School of Economics, Tower 2, Room 9.04

Grantham Workshop on 17 February hosts an interactive discussion panel ‘Outcomes of COP 21 in Paris and implications for the research agenda’. Agenda: 1. Overview of the outcomes of Paris and emerging policy questions-Presentation by Alina Averchenkova (20 min) 2. Response from the panel: Implications for the research agenda:  Antoine Dechezleprete, Alessandro Tavoni and Declan Conway (30 min) 3.  Open discussion on the key […]

RSS | Karsten Neuhoff

Speaker(s): Karsten Neuhoff
10 Feb 2016 at London School of Economics, Tower 2, Room 9.04

Prof. Karsetn Neuhoff, Professor for Energy and Climate Policy at the Technical University Berlin and Head of Department Climate Policy, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin), will be the … read more »

Unpacking the Paris Agreement: Is it enough to limit dangerous climate change?

Speaker(s): Piers Forster, Andy Gouldson, John Barrett, Harriet Thew
3 Feb 2016 at Conference Auditorium, University of Leeds

This event features a number of experts in the field of climate change science and policy in a panel debate to discuss what the historic Paris agreement means and how we can meet the targets set.

Tell me the good news about the apocalypse

Speaker(s): Dr Nick Brooks, Director of Garama 3C Ltd
27 Jan 2016 at School of Earth and Environment Seminar Rooms 8.119, University of Leeds

Reflections on transitioning from climate change academia to climate change consultancy Read the presentation