Grantham Research Institute website wins award for policy/social research

Posted on 6 Jan 2015 in

The Grantham Research Institute website has won the Market Research Society Award for Policy/Social Research.

The Award recognises the impact of research on the understanding of issues relating to, and decision-making within, the public policy and/or social arena.

The judging panel acknowledged the success of the new website in increasing the Institute’s engagement with policy makers and emphasised the role that audience research and user testing played in the development of the website.

The judges said:
“This research clearly demonstrated a dramatic improvement in the quality and volume of information exchanged among influencers and policy makers.”

“Increasing digital influence over the climate change debate [the research commissioned to inform the website’s development] was a very thorough study among a difficult-to-reach audience, including EU Commission officials and academics.”

“The aims of the project were very ambitious; to improve the dissemination of information about climate change via the web. The techniques developed were imaginative, enabling a significant increase (50%) in website traffic.”

GRI shares the award with Com Res, the agency we commissioned to conduct the audience research.