The real green new deal

Posted 22 Sep 2009 in

Tony Blair and Nicholas Stern: The future is bright for the world’s economies to go low-carbon – but only if we act together and support developing countries the Guardian

Lord Stern outlines plan to break deadlock

Posted 21 Sep 2009 in

A plan to overcome obstacles to an international agreement on climate change was today outlined by Nicholas Stern… The paper presents a new approach to setting strong but achievable targets for reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases, which take into account future economic growth in developing countries. read more »

Lord Stern welcomes Gordon Brown’s speech on climate change and highlights needs of developing world

Posted 26 Jun 2009 in

Nicholas Stern… said: “This is a timely initiative by Gordon Brown to break the international deadlock over climate change, and he rightly identifies finance as the key stumbling block. Rich countries want to see commitments by developing countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change before offering financial support, but the developing countries want strong financial backing from the rich world before they make significant commitments.” read more »