Round 1 projects

Stimulating, developing and communicating innovative ideas on climate policy

Following an open call for proposals in 2015 CCCEP awarded funding to 5 successful applications:

  1. Collaborative Co-design; harvesting the most promising policy innovations for UK Climate Policy.
    Project led by David Brown at Department of Energy & Climate Change and supported by Andy Gouldson
    Read the Working Paper from this project
  2. Overcoming the climate language barrier: An innovative policy approach to improving the IPCC Process
    Project led by Candice Howarth and David Viner and supported by Suraje Dessai.
  3. Work on policy for green securitization
    Project led by Sean Kidney and Beate Sonerud of Climate Bonds  and supported by Sam Fankhauser.
    Read the Policy Paper from this project
  4. Carbon policy confidence index: a proposed scoping and feasibility study. 
    Project led by Will McDowall and supported by Dimitri Zenghelis.
    Read the Working Paper report from this project
  5. Can a Global Framework for Non-State Initiatives make a Post-2015 Climate Regime More Effective?  
    Project led by Sander Chan and supported by Robert Falkner.
    Read the Working Paper from this project