Insurance industry briefs

The following briefs explore important and topical aspects of climate change that have particular implications and consequences for the insurance industry, drawing on the latest research from the Munich Re Programme and the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP). The content of the briefs is intended to be of interest to a wide range of professionals within the insurance industry, as well as policymakers and regulators.

Trends in Economic and Insured Losses from Weather-Related Events: a new analysis

Robert Ward and Nicola Ranger, November 2010

This insurance industry brief describes the role of normalisation studies in contributing to the understanding of trends in economic and insured losses from weather-related events, and outlines the results of new analyses.

Download industry brief: ‘Trends in Economic and Insured Losses from Weather-Related Events’ (PDF, 1.42MB)

Aiming For a 2°C Goal: what does it mean for the insurance industry?

Nicola Ranger and Robert Ward, May 2010

This brief explores the importance of adaptation to the impacts of climate change, particularly in managing near-term changes in risk that cannot be avoided through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The brief also considers the role that the insurance industry can play in adaptation.

Download the industry brief: High-res PDF (5.9MB)