Ganga Shreedhar

Research student, LSE

Ganga Shreedhar

Ganga’s PhD is focused on examining collective action and governance over common pool resources using network economics. She is the recipient of the Robert and Dilys Rawson Scholarship awarded by LSE’s Department of Geography and Environment.


Ganga has an MPA in Public and Economic Policy from the London School of Economics (supported by the LSE Graduate Award and the Aga Khan International Scholarship Programme). She also has a Masters in development Studies from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Madras. Prior to her studies at the LSE, she worked as a Senior Research Analyst at the International Food Policy Research institute’s Asia Office in New Delhi. She focussed on issues related to agriculture, food security and policy in India, Nepal, China and Tajikistan.

Research Interests

  • Environmental and Resource Economics
  • Environmental Policy and Governance
  • Development Policy and Economics
  • Agriculture and Food Security