Greer Gosnell

Research Fellow, LSE

Greer Gosnell

Greer’s research combines experimental and behavioural economics to reveal cost-effective climate change mitigation strategies at the microeconomic level.  Her current projects focus on the contexts of commercial fuel efficiency (especially in the aviation industry), residential energy and resource use, environmental health decisions, and global climate change negotiations.


Prior to beginning her Ph.D. in Environmental Economics, Greer graduated with a BSc(Hons) in Economics and a BA (Hons) in Political Science at Loyola Marymount University, where she used experimental methods to study the effects of information and norms on common-pool resource extraction.

Subsequently, Greer completed an MSc in Environmental Economics and Climate Change at LSE, for which she conducted her dissertation on the impacts of norms and financial incentives on energy consumption.

Research interests

  • Experimental economics;
  • Behavioural economics;
  • Environmental economics;
  • Applied microeconomics.