Marian Feist

Former Research student, LSE

Marian Feist

Marian’s dissertation is on the dynamics of learning and knowledge use in post-agreement negotiations. Focusing on UNFCCC’s Green Climate Fund, he explores how lessons from existing institutions are used in the process of creating a new institutional framework for international climate finance.

Awarded full funding by the Grantham Research Institute, his research is supervised by Robert Falkner of the International Relations Department at LSE.


Having studied at the universities of Münster and Agder, Marian holds a Magister’s degree (MA, with distinction) in political science, economics, and communication studies.

Marian teaches International Political Economy at the LSE Summer School. He is also tutor for the TRIUM Global Executive MBA programme and deputy editor for the Millennium Journal of International Studies. Prior to joining LSE, Marian worked as a researcher and lecturer in International Relations and Development. His non-academic work experience includes the areas of political consulting and translation.

Research interests

  • The politics of international climate finance
  • Learning and knowledge use in multilateral negotiations
  • The international political economy of financialisation