Xavier Vollenweider

Former PhD student

Xavier Vollenweider

Xavier’s PhD is on the management of climate risk and market risk in agriculture. He is interested both in developed and developing countries, focusing on Ireland and Ethiopia as case studies.

His research is done in partnership with Teagasc, a semi-state research centre of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries in Ireland. He received a four-year Walsh fellowship in October 2009.

Teaching 2011 (GTA):


Xavier obtained a MA in international relations at the Graduate Institute of International Studies and Development in Geneva before completing a MSc at the University College London in Environmental and Resource Economics.

Research interests

  • State-contingent production function;
  • Quantile regression for panel data;
  • Randomised controlled trial and placebo effects;
  • Vulnerability analysis;
  • Inequality decomposition;
  • Risk management (index insurance, forward contract, social network);
  • Climate smart agriculture.Research articles