Project 3b – Carbon, competiveness and trade

Project staff: Antoine Dechezleprêtre and Ralf Martin

Key project outputs to date

  • We have published a paper in Energy Economics on the impact of energy price differences on international trade (Sato and Dechezleprêtre, 2016)
  • We have written a review of the literature on the competitiveness impacts of environmental regulation. This paper has been published as a GGGI policy brief and we are revising it for REEP
  • We have written a paper on the effect of the EU ETS on carbon leakage based on data from the Carbon Disclosure Project. We have published a GRI working paper (No. 165) and are about to submit this to a journal
  • We are analysing how the EU ETS has affected European firms’ competitiveness, as measured by their productivity and their ability to compete on international export markets with other firms that have not been affected by the policy. We have a draft of the paper but are waiting for the new historical Orbis database to which the LSE has subscribed to work on the next version