Why the UK needs a diverse leadership team for COP26

The UK government has announced an all-male COP26 leadership team. A line-up that includes women would not only be more representative, but could also be more effective and trusted, argue the authors of this commentary.

China’s historic announcement on net-zero emissions

Nicholas Stern explains why President Xi’s historic pledge to cut China’s emissions to net-zero by 2060, announced this week, could prove to be a key milestone on the path to a healthier, safer and more prosperous future.

Trust, happiness, and pro-social behavior

Cooperative behavior is essential for societies to thrive and for humanity to address local and global social dilemmas. This paper combines several large-scale surveys with different strategies for identifying trust, to shed new light on the determinants of cooperative behavior, including that needed to advance progress on climate change mitigation.

The impact of current climate policies on greenhouse gas emissions

Shaikh Eskander and Sam Fankhauser share the results of their new study that shows the carbon savings made due to climate change laws and policies over the last two decades and call on policymakers to adopt identified good practice to enable deeper cuts in emissions.