Flash floods: a grim reminder that adaptation is as important as reducing emissions

Posted 23 Jul 2021 in

Learning lessons from the devastating flooding in Western Europe and China – and raising awareness of the importance of flood risk reduction activities and the long-term consequences of inaction – should be seen as a necessary investment in our future, write Swenja Surminski and Viktor Rözer, as they draw out particular lessons for Germany.

Why we need more social science research on climate change

Posted 10 Sep 2019 in

Sam Fankhauser outlines the findings of a new review that reveals the UK’s significant contribution to social science research on climate change over the last 10 years – but also some important research gaps that must be filled so that global climate policy can be guided by the best available evidence. read more »

Conference Announcement – Registration now open

Posted 3 Feb 2015 in

Title: “Green Growth and the New Industrial Revolution” Date: Thursday 26 March 2015 Venue: Royal Society of Arts, London Keynote Speakers Professor Cameron Hepburn, University of Oxford Simon Upton, Environment Director, … read more »