Joanes Atela

Visiting Researcher, University of Leeds

Joanes Atela

Joanes’s project title is ‘Implications of carbon offsets on the adaptive capacity of forest dependent communities in Africa’. He is undertaking research on carbon offsets programmes in Kenya and the associated policy issues.

Joanes is based at the University of Leeds, where he has studied since October 2011.


Joanes finalised a two-year Msc in Agricultural Sciences and Resource Management in the tropics and subtropics from Bonn University, Germany (first class); his research thesis was ‘Potential for on-farm carbon sequestration and payment as an incentive to avoided deforestation and climate change mitigation by smallholders around Mau forest, Kenya’. Part of the thesis is under review for publication. Joanes also has a bachelors’ degree in environmental science (first class) and a diploma in project planning and management. He has won awards in scientific and academic presentations.

Joanes has worked for the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute in a World Bank-funded project and also climate change projects during internships with the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi and the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) in Bonn.

Research interests

  • Payment for ecosystem services
  • Climate change mitigation (carbon offsets) and adaptation policies;
  • Community based forest management;
  • Environmental governance;
  • Agriculture and rural development.